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Hericium erinaceus

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Hericium erinaceus is a mushroom that grows on trunks of hardwood tress.

Hericium erinaceus is taken by mouth for a decline in memory and thinking skills in older people that is more than what is normal for their age, Alzheimer disease and dementiadepressionanxiety, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, and to improve overall mental function and memory. It is also taken by mouth for swelling (inflammation) of the stomach (gastritis), stomach ulcers, H. pylori infection, diabetescancerhigh cholesterol, and weight loss.

Hericium erinaceus is applied to the skin for wound healing.

How does it work ?

Hericium erinaceus may improve the development and function of nerves.This might help prevent conditions such as anxiety, memory loss, Alzheimer disease, or Parkinson disease. . This might help improve symptoms related to long-term swelling of the stomach lining (gastritis) or stomach ulcers.

Spore production is highest at midday, relative to temperature increase and relative humidity decrease.                   BUY HASHISH NEW CASTLE

Hericium erinaceus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and its production is widespread within Asia, mostly using extensive production practices on wood logs or stumps.

Its production there occurs only on a small scale.Americanum and H.coralloides.

It is able to withstand cold temperatures and frost conditions.

Fungal strains comprise clonal descendants of a single isolation from one fungal colony in a pure culture.there are few commercially available strains in the USA or Europe and little or no breeding for higher yield or other favorable traits has occurred.[8] Production trials in Egypt report yields of H.erinaceus averaging at 165g per 1 kg medium.

Hericium erinaceus produces edible fruiting bodies that have uses as food and in traditional medicine.

As food
Hericium erinaceus is common in gourmet cooking. The production of specialty mushrooms in the USA increased by about 23% between 2010 and 2018 from 16 to 20 million lbs (7–9 million kg).

This increasing consumer interest in specialty mushrooms has encouraged the improvement of shiitake strains.

H. erinaceus fruiting bodies contain 57% carbohydrates (8% as dietary fiber), 4% fat, and 22% protein.

Climate requirements
H. erinaceus requires a humid environment for its growth: 85 to 90% of relative humidity in the air.

Using this method, a large number of mycelia can be obtained quickly.

After several transfers to new petri dishes to verify the purity of the strain, it can be kept at -80 °C for long-term storage.

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Hericium Erinaceus

3 reviews for Hericium erinaceus

  1. vreyro linomit

    Watermelon smell/flavour definitely there. The euphoria in this strain is intense for an indica. It is uplifting and energizing. I don’t feel sleepy and I can do a variety of activities and not feel couch locked. I prefer to use it during the day, not the evening. I don’t really notice the typical indica body effects until the euphoria fully sets in. Once it does it provides me with moderate pain relief and muscle relaxation. Other than providing a great euphoria I find this strain is also a huge anxiety killer for me. Over all I would definitely order this strain again. It’s a shame this is a limited release from Tilray. The smell and taste alone make it worth keeping as a regular item. I enjoy having a good daytime indica that provides a sativa like euphoria.
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