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Magic mushroom grow kit Ecuador XP

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Magic mushroom grow kit Ecuador XP by FreshMushrooms®

Buy Magic mushroom grow kit Ecuador XP


Buy Magic mushroom grow kit Ecuador XP ,  Golden teachers grow kit , buy mycelium grow kit Online,Ecuador mushroom kit, ez grow mushroom kit .    Growing with the Ecuador XP Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kits is extremely easy.

These kits are completely maintenance-free thanks to a fully colonized substrate without fillers. You hardly have to do anything to get your first flush with high levels of psilocin.



Fast growing: 1 week to first pins
High yields: Up to 4 flushes. (with excellent conditions)
High Potency: According the supplier the XP (Extra Potent) strains are twice as potent!
Contents of Ecuador XP Mushroom Grow Kit
1x Ecuador Mushrooms Grow box – This contains rye substrate with active mycelium
1x Growbag – The bag has filters across the bag.
2x paperclip – For closing the grow bag.
You need
A Misting Bottle is needed for the humidity level
Potable water – For misting and soaking
Clean environment – Work clean to give other fungi and bacteria (micro organisms) no chance to contaminate.

We recommend using
Surgical gloves
Face mask
Disinfectant for hands
Disinfectant for surfaces
Soaking bag
Thermo mat

Close any open windows. Wind or draft may bring micro organisms that can contaminate the Magic Mushroom grow kit.
If this surface would not be clean, micro organisms may attach to the grow box and will flourish inside the Magic Mushroom grow kit, and will contaminate the grow box.
Make sure you work with clean hands and arms. ou should use a facemask to avoid breathing into the grow bag and on the cake.Magic mushroom grow kit Ecuador XP

Instructions: Starting the Magic Mushroom grow kit
1. Take the magic mushroom grow kit, plastic bag and paperclip out of the box. Remove the lid of the mushroom grow kit (store the lid properly). Rinse the lid under running water.                                                                                      2.Place the mushroom grow kit without lid in the plastic grow bag (opening at the top). Slide the opening of the bag under the bottom with the micro perforation pointing upwards. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. You do not have to worry about air circulation.

3. Do not water! The first magic mushrooms will be visible after about 1 week.

4. Place the mushroom grow kit in an area with enough daylight and at a temperature between 18 °C and 28 °C. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Special heat mats are available to ensure this temperature and not have to heat the entire room.

5.  Too much moisture is not good.


The first mushrooms will be visible after approximately 1 week. The first buds are already visible after only 1 week. Low and high temperatures may slightly delay this growth process. BEST mushroom grow kit online

6.These kits can produce several mushroom harvests.                                                                                                                This process is known as cold shock. It breathes new life into the mycelium and ensures that enough moisture is present for the mushrooms to grow.

7. Place the lid of the grow Kit back on the kit. Let the kit rest for 12 hours. Open a corner of the lid and drain the excess water. From here you can follow the instructions from step 1 again. This process can be repeated several times.Image result for Magic mushroom grow kit Ecuador XP by FreshMushrooms®

How to store the grow kit correctly
It is recommended to start the cultivation process right away.

The ideal temperature is 24°C. Do not have the temperature drop under 18°C and not exceed 29°C. To keep the temperature from dropping under the 18°C, you can use a thermo mat to maintain the ideal temperature. A thermo mat is a must-have in the winter or colder regions of the world.

The magic mushroom grow kit only needs light for the mycelium to ‘understand’ it has reached the surface  Magic mushroom grow kit Ecuador XP

If the conditions are optimal, you can expect the first small mushrooms (the pins) to appear between 7 and 10 days.

The mushrooms come up in groups. This can be a small or large group. That depends on the strain. A growth like this is called a flush. The first two flushes are the largest.


Use surgical gloves or disinfect your hands, wrists and arms. Pick the mushrooms that are ripe and let the others continue to grow.  The mushrooms can easily be pulled out of the cake by holding them between thumb and index finger. They mushrooms let go almost immediately.

Mushrooms that grow from the sides
Mushrooms grow where the light reaches and where there is little penetrating resistance. It is hard to counter this and can be allowed.

Clean hands! Take the grow box out of the bag and place it upside down on your other hand. Now you have this hand free to pick the mushrooms from the sides of the cake.

This is not really a problem; it just doesn’t look very pretty.  Mushrooms will lose some of their potency.

Be sensible
Check out the responsible use page for more information on do’s and don’ts.

This kit is meant for small-scale home use only.


Mushroom grow kit Ecuador

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